Welltok Design Pattern Library


Design Overview

At Welltok, we're always striving for consistency of experience. In order to keep our assets organized, we began to create a system that our whole team could reference as we build. By having one location that contains recurring solutions to common design problems, focusing on the greater design strategy and story can become top priority. 

This is an ever-changing design library that will adapt and grow with time. I was passionate about taking this on and volunteered to take the lead developing something the product team as a whole found useful. 

  • Project: Design Library for the Product Team
  • Scope: Create new new guidelines and standards for cross-team usage
  • My role: Lead designer and writer/content creator
  • Stakeholders: UX Design team, development, product managers
  • Challenges: How can we keep our designs streamlined and have one point of contact for all design questions?
  • Basic process: User research > Plan > Design/Copy > In Progress
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